Content Reporting

CamContacts takes all content reports very seriously.

If you want to request removal of any content on our website, or if you want to report any content on our website that is illegal, abusive, non-consensual, or otherwise inappropriate, then please submit a Content Reporting request by completing the form below.

Please provide as much identifying information about the content as possible, including the screen name of the user that is responsible for the content, the date and time you encountered the content, the relevant URLs, and an explanation of why you believe the content should be removed and/or reported.

All submissions are completely confidential, and the user responsible for the reported content will never know who reported it.

We will always respond to you within seven days, but usually it will be within 24 hours.

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If you have already sent a Help Request and have received your ID, please enter the ID of the Help Request into the box below.

In addition to contacting us using the Help Request form, we also operate 24 hour international voicemail lines. Click here for details of the other ways in which you can contact us.